The future of aviation

The old aviation system is climate-damaging and rigid.
We have a mission to change that.


Together with dedicated experts, we are using collective intelligence to redesign mobility in a way that is climate-friendly, sustainable and independent.

We invite you to participate in a concept for the development of the most climate-friendly streamlined airship WF01. Make your contribution for a system change to green mobility!

Pioneering spirit Cosmopolitanism Boundlessness Independence Sustainability

Pioneering spirit

The morning dawns clear.

We leave our comfortable cabin – a bed in the clouds. They shine like a field of white absorbent cotton in the sunlight. In the lounge we look through wide panoramic windows. The world is at our feet. Gently we glide over sapphire blue water. We don’t need entertainment. Green mountains, deep valleys and the most beautiful sunsets illustrate our journey in an impressive way. It has just begun.”



The vision

The advantages


The future of aviation is green. We will create innovative and climate-friendly solutions and usher in the age of Healthy Mobility.

collective intelligence

Together we are strong. Dedicated scientists, developers, technicians and supporters from all over the world contribute to the common goal:
a green aviation.

Future technology

By using forward-looking technologies such as hydrogen, photovoltaics, microelectronics, nanotechnology as well as new materials, we are creating a highly developed innovation airship.

safest mode of transport

The WF01 is the safest mode of transport in the world. The use of non-flammable helium makes the WF01 as flammable as an iceberg and as crash-proof as a cloud.

VTOL and Hovering

Thanks to vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), precision landings are possible. This allows remote areas and hard-to-reach places to be reached safely with a very low environmental footprint.

Load capacity and passenger capacity

In addition to the space for passengers in the ratio of a long-range wide-body aircraft, the rigid airship with a fixed outer shell also offers sufficient space for cargo. The payload is 350 tons.

Possible applications

The WF01 opens up unlimited applications such as long and short-haul flights, rescue missions, congresses, the transport of bulky cargo, as a working platform, crane, concert stage, multi-functional arena, hospital, fire department for fighting fires during climate disasters, as a drone carrier

New way of traveling

The soothing ride of a cruise ship paired with futuristic visions of space travel creates cosmopolitan travelers a comfortable and regenerative way to get around. Thanks to the view of impressive landscapes and cities, we can arrive more refreshed than when we left.


Shape climate change

We unite people to work together with collective intelligence to achieve the common goal: Mobility new, climate-friendly, sustainable and independently.

Become a pioneer and compensate!

We need your financial support for the development of an innovative Streamliner. Every donation brings us closer to our common goal.

Become a developer

Share your knowledge with other developers and contribute your part to a revolution in aviation!

Become a partner

Support our ambitious project with what your company does best.

Behind the scenes

Ferdinand and Oscar Meyer are brothers. She has been fascinated by aviation since childhood. Today, they want to help shape and change things. With “WF01”, they are working on a concept to develop the most climate-friendly streamlined airship of the present day. It combines past experience with innovative knowledge in technology and bionics and will usher in a new era of green mobility.

The realization of this unique challenge is only possible with the overlapping knowledge of many dedicated scientists, developers, technicians and enthusiasts. To generate collective intelligence, this open source platform was launched. It is a development space for innovative solutions and approaches in which everyone can make their knowledge contribution to a system change to green mobility. Our community brings people from all over the world closer to the common goal: to make aviation new, climate-friendly and independent.

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