The WF01

The WF01

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Become a Cloud Flight Developer!

Support us with your knowledge, your ideas and your experience. Everyone can make a contribution in their own area. This is how we are shaping the future of emission-free mobility together. With united forces, this will create the safest, most comfortable and strongest streamlined airship in history.


Airship technology

We divide the development of the WF01 into adjacent areas. For each area, we are looking for experts who can help the project grow with innovative ideas and impulses.

  • Payload 300 tons
  • Go big place go home / larger volume = exponentially larger load capacity
  • largest airship of our time
  • Long and short-haul flights ( as a cruise ship of the air )
  • Rescue missions/ disaster relief
  • Transport flights
  • Distribution center
  • Atmospheric CO2 filter system
  • CW-optimized (shapes with low air resistance and air friction)
  • stable against crosswinds
  • high utilization of the interior space
  • safe flying at high speeds
  • Rigid airship
  • Torsionally stiff and safe
  • Outer shell with photovoltaics
  • Structural battery if applicable
  • Electric motors
  • Photovoltaics
  • liquid hydrogen + fuel cells
  • Intermediate storage in structural battery (outer shell)
  • Helium, hydrogen, vacuum
  • in individual internal chambers
  • application specific

Share your knowledge

Any information can help us move closer together to our goal, the future of green aviation. Write us in which area you can support us.